“Affordable, sustainable broadband connectivity is the lifeblood of the city of the present, and of the future, transforming the way communities operate and improving quality of life. Even in San Jose, a recognized global hub of technology innovation, we have a lot to learn and a lot to do before we can claim full urban connectivity. I’d call on all stakeholders to participate in World Wi-Fi Day to address the issue of the unconnected in a meaningful, transformative manner.”
Vijay Sammeta, CIO of City of San Jose and Co-Chair of CCAB
“Connected Cities have the power to drastically reduce income inequality and improve our society, our economy, our environment, and our welfare. And this doesn’t just improve life for residents, it helps develop our nations. It is for this reason that the City of New York is making universal, affordable broadband a priority in supporting World Wi-Fi Day, as we truly appreciate the profound significance that wireless connectivity plays within our communities.”
Alphonso Jenkins, Deputy Commissioner for Telecommunications Planning at New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications and Co-Chair of CCAB
“The digital divide is growing, and not just in developing countries – there is also an increase in the under-served ‘urban unconnected’ in the world’s largest economies. We are delighted that some of the biggest influencers within the industry ecosystem are participating and supporting World Wi-Fi Day – their support demonstrates just how important it is to address this critical issue. We encourage all stakeholders to actively participate and commit to deliver connectivity and access to information for all.”
Reza Jafari, Board Advisor of WBA & Vice Chair of the Connected City Advisory Board
“Connectivity continues to transform and improve the way we live in the world. There’s tremendous opportunity and responsibility for government leaders, technology providers, and innovators to participate and collaborate to make Wi-Fi available to anyone and everyone. World Wi-Fi Day gives the world a day to celebrate and commit to a connected life.”
Miguel Gamino, Chief Information Officer for the City and County of San Francisco, Co-Chair of CCAB
“We are excited about the World Wi-Fi Day! Broadcom has been the leader in the underlying semiconductor technology for Wi-Fi. Since our entry in the market in 2003, we have shipped in excess of 5 billion chips and have witnessed how this technology transformed the world and peoples’ lives. Wi-Fi has become incredibly affordable. Where our first 11Mbps chipsets sold for $30, today a 400Mbps chip sells for ~$1. Broadcom will lead the next decade of change, further transforming the consumer experience and pushing the technology envelope. We can’t wait to see what unfolds, but take a moment today to celebrate what we have seen and achieved together with the entire industry.”
Michael Hurlston, Senior VP and GM, Mobile Connectivity Products, Broadcom Ltd.