City Wi-Fi Roaming Project connects the networks of major cities around the world.

For the first time ever, it is possible for users of Public Wi-Fi City networks from New York, Singapore, San Francisco and San Jose and subscribers from a large list of operators to freely roam between these City Wi-Fi networks.

The City Wi-Fi Roaming project is part of the World Wi-Fi Day initiative to accelerate affordable wireless connectivity around the world. The initiative allows consumers and visitors of major cities, including New York, San Francisco, San Jose and Singapore, to automatically and securely roam between the public Wi-Fi networks throughout August to September.

The Wireless Broadband Alliance is encouraging cities, government bodies, fixed and mobile operators, technology vendors, Internet giants and service providers, as well as retailers, to come together to deliver connectivity to everyone, everywhere.

Cities participating in the City Wi-Fi Roaming

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Cities currently participating


Roaming Hub Providers & Captive Portal Provider

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Roaming Hub Providers & Captive Portal Provider

Roaming Hub Providers (3-up)

Captive portal and Wi-Fi  AAA / Hotspot 2.0 OSU solutions platform provider:


Operators around the world include:

AT&T, Bell Mobility, Boingo Wireless, BT, China Mobile, Fon, LinkNYC, KT, Mobily, NTT DOCOMO, Orange, HKT – CSL, CSL Wi-Fi, SK Telecom, Tata Communications, Sprint, Swisscom, Telecom New Zealand, Telstra, TELUS, T-Mobile USA, TRUE, Sprint

Take action and enjoy the benefits of City Wi-Fi Roaming in August and September:

In order to enjoy the benefits of City Wi-Fi Roaming, please register your device here:

Please note, for NGH/Hotspot 2.0 Networks, a profile will need to be downloaded to your device, if it is not already available.