There a many different ways that you can help us create a better world with improved connectivity!

Video Statements

Help us promote World Wi-Fi Day by providing videos to be used on social or press releases to promote World Wi-Fi Day.

Case Studies

Share your case studies that demonstrate the successful role of Wi-Fi to connect communities, to improve the quality of life or share studies on the economic and social impacts of Wi-Fi.

Announce Future Projects

Announce your future projects that “connect the unconnected” or create a better world through better connectivity by Wi-Fi.

Provide affordable Wi-Fi Access

Provide affordable Wi-Fi access during the World Wi-Fi Day to the public in general.

Project Funding

Support our projects that bring connectivity to unconnected communities, by providing financial funds, network or end user equipment, internet access or any other service to facilitate Wi-Fi deployments.

Help us create a better world with improved connectivity!