WBA Industry Awards and World Wi-Fi Day:

World Wi-Fi Day is developing a significant number of activities and offers an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to support our initiative based on their areas of interest and focus.

WBA Industry Awards 2020 – Open for Submission

There are 2 WBA industry Awards categories that we shall be naming at the World Wi-Fi Day. See below to view more about these categories:

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5. Best Wi-Fi for Social Impact

The Best Wi-Fi for Social Impact Award recognizes and celebrates innovative Wi-Fi network-based services for the benefit of society (smart cities, urban or remote communities) that have been deployed on trial or commercial basis in at least one country / market by the time of entry deadline.

6. Best Wi-Fi Innovations

The Best Wi-Fi Innovations Award recognizes and celebrates innovations and deployments with Wi-Fi, which enable seamless and secure support, greater interoperability and/or transformational benefits to customers that have been deployed and are available in at least one market by the entry deadline. (e.g. the product and services areas can be related to deployment with Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi in IoT, Wi-Fi in Convergence, Wi-Fi Application)

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