How to get involved the World Wi-Fi Day?

You want to support World Wi-Fi Day (WWD)? Get started now!

Step 1: Love and Share

Be part of the “We Support World Wi-Fi Day” – Download and Share the ‘I Love Wi-Fi’ Kit and promote on your social channels Day. Also you can Wear with your Love for Wi-Fi! Print WWD T-shirt – have your global teams wear the WWD on a team conference call and share your picture via social media.

Ensure mention #worldwifiday so we can like and share!


Step 2: Choose at least one of the following, or more. Tell us what you can help us to create a better world with Wi-Fi:

Prepare: written quotes from your company leaders on the importance and social impact of Wi-Fi and we will share on World Wi-Fi Day week.

Provide: affordable Wi-Fi access during the World Wi-Fi Day to the general public such as special Wi-Fi offers including Free or affordable Wi-Fi offers, Retail & enterprise offers during World Wi-Fi Day

Submit: your Wi-Fi related case studies that demonstrate the successful role of Wi-Fi, such as OpenRoaming & Wi-Fi 6/ 6E deployment, to connect communities, to improve the quality of life or share studies on the economic and social impacts of Wi-Fi

Share: Short video about how your company is helping to bridge the digital divide and contributes with social impacts, or simply say – “I support World Wi-Fi Day” (max 60 seconds in mp4.)

Enter: Submit your entry to the WBA Industry Awards to celebrate innovative Wi-Fi network-based services >> Best Social Impact Award and Best Wi-Fi Innovation Award

Let us know what you can help to bridge the digital divide