HOPE for Connectivity

Our HOPE for Connectivity charter calls on cities, government bodies, fixed and mobile operators, technology vendors and Internet giants. Help us bridge the digital divide and create the critical influence to bring wireless connectivity by pledging your support to our initiative.

Fund and support Wi-Fi deployments for underserved & unconnected

Access to more affordable internet through public Wi-Fi networks

Promote current Wi-Fi initiatives of industry & governments to connect the unconnected


Engage to recognize the role of Wi-Fi in addressing the digital divide

World Wi-Fi day is a global initiative to help bridge the digital divide. WBA believes technology has the ability to do a tremendous amount of good and help humans thrive and achieve things that once seemed impossible. Wi-Fi is the great equalizer.

Many rural and low-income communities around the world, including those in large urban areas, lack reliable, affordable access. Learn about the challenges and opportunities from Wi-Fi in today’s digital landscape, and how we can help.

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Do you know – Wi-Fi global economic contribution has outpaced expectations! During pandemic, Wi-Fi usage boomed by 80% . Wi-Fi limited the impact of social isolation by enabling business, education, healthcare, and other services to move online. Wi-Fi is a sustainable technology. It is the ideal solution for indoor coverage and will be improving energy efficiency.

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