World Wi-Fi Day is developing a significant number of activities and offers an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to support our initiative based on their areas of interest and focus.

We call on governments, technology providers, industry forums and public to recognize and celebrate the important role of Wi-Fi in socioeconomic development and to advance and accelerate affordable connectivity for the unconnected around the world.

  • Governments and Cities

World Wi-Fi Day recognizes and celebrates the significant role Wi-Fi is playing in connecting cities and communities around the world. Join us by offering affordable or free Wi-Fi access to the unconnected communities in both rural and urban areas.

  • Operators

With the widespread absence of any broadband infrastructure in so many developed and emerging markets, World Wi-Fi Day will raise global awareness for the undeniable benefits of digital inclusion – economic, humanitarian, social etc.

Help us bridge the digital divide in unconnected areas of the world by using unlicensed wireless to deliver long-term sustainable deployments.

  • Technology Providers

Key technology players have contributed to the global success of unlicensed technology

Donate and showcase innovation in unlicensed wireless technology that demonstrates the benefits of deeper collaboration and help us create sustainable broadband connectivity!

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